Boom Truck HRS-206

Crane HRS206 with ability of easy salvage work
Crane HRS206 with salvage workability which has perfect work safety, excellent salvage workability, the most optimal work height and work radius. strong durability. various safety systems, and convenient control.
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-206
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-206
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-206
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-206
Main Features

Low-Noise Winch

Warning System

2 Derrick Cylinders Adjusted

Boom-Side Pad Control Type

Break-Built-In Spiral Decelerator

Spiral-Fixture System


Division Item Unit Detail Remark
Type 7ton 6section boom
Maximum lifting capacity 18ton.m
Maximum working radius 19.7m
Maximum working height 22.7m
Ratedlifting capacity 1st 3,900kg/4.6m
2nd 2,100kg/7.6m
3rd 1,250kg/10.7m
4th 850kg/13.7m
5th 530kg/16.7m
6th 400kg/19.7m
Boom Type Hexagonal
Section 6
Structure 3cylinder 2wire
Derrick Angle 1°~80°
Cylinder 2cylinder
Winch Type Spur gear reduction
Brake Automatic mechanical brake
Wire Ф10×120m
Slewing Type Worm gear reduction
Brake Hydraulic brake
Angle 360° continues
Speed 2.5rpm
Front outrigger Type Hydraulically expending(horizontal & vertical)
Maximum span 5.6m
Rear outrigger (option) Type Hydraulically expending (horizontal & vertical)
Maximum span 4.3m
Hydraulic fluids Rated flow 70ℓ/min(1500rpm)
Rated pressure 210 bar
Mounting chassis Payload 8,000kg
Gvw 16,300kg
Power 320ps/2,200rpm
"The above information, specifications and images may differ from actual vehicle and may be changed without prior notice for performance improvement. Please contact our sales office for exact model option and specification"
"Horyong reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without notice to suit local conditions and requirements."
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