Boom Truck HRS-216

Horyong cargo cranes with a lifting capacity of jobs are ready to serve.
Perfect job stability, excellent lifting capacity, radius and optimum working height, strong durability,
Cargo operations on multiple safety devices that have the capability of easy-to-use crane lifting operations HRS 216
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-216
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-216
Boom Crane Truck - HRS-216
Main Features

Heavy duty boom lifting cylinders

high efficiency oil cooler

Adapted DOMAX700 steel boom

optional 2-speed winch

Simple control levers

Jib boom

Low-Noise Winch

Warning System

2 Derrick Cylinders Adjusted

Boom-Side Pad Control Type

Break-Built-In Spiral Decelerator

Spiral-Fixture System


Division Item Unit Detail Remark
The maximum lifting capacity 18 ton.m
The maximum working radius 19.7m
Maximum working height 22.7m
Lifting load (kg/m) 1st 3,900kg/4.6m
2nd 1,850kg/7.6m
3rd 1,100kg/10.7m
4th 850kg/13.7m
5th 620kg/16.7m
6th 470kg/19.7m
Boom Style Hexaganal
3cylinder 2wire
Boom cylinder Degrees -17°~81°
Boom cylinder 2cylinder
Winch Type Spur gear reduction
Automatic mechanical brake
Wire thickness Ф10×120m
Rotation Type Worm gear reduction
Hydraulic brake
Degrees 360˚ continues
Rotation speed 2.5rpm
Front outriggers Type Hydraulicaly expending
Extention width 6.1m
Rear outriggers Type Hydraulicaly expending
Extention width 4.3m
Hydraulic Rated flow 70ℓ/min (1500rpm)
Rated pressure 210bar
Tank size 200ℓ
Weight Crane assembly 3,368kg
Rear outriger 328kg
"The above information, specifications and images may differ from actual vehicle and may be changed without prior notice for performance improvement. Please contact our sales office for exact model option and specification"
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